LETTER: Charity truly begins at home

The case of the homeless man being helped into work with a pair of boots from a building supplier is a heartwarming story (Herald, June 6).

Fear, money, and love are often the motives for a suicide.

These charities, The Foodbank, The Beachy Head Chaplaincy, running around in their liveried vans, reflect the loss of everyday charity in modern life.

Charity truly begins at home. What happened to the cup of sugar over a neighbour’s wall; the kind word to lift the spirits?

The troubles of the heart begin a long way from the giddy edge of a height. This is parish work: seeing families get on together, with jobs, food in their cupboards, nice houses to make their homes.

It is disturbing that the word “hunger “ is signwritten on vans in the UK, with a National Health Service and a benefit system ideally to relieve and prevent indigenous poverty.


Upperton Gardens.