LETTER: Carers have rights, too

New Carers UK research has found that over two million of us will start providing care for older, sick or disabled loved ones every year and many will go without the vital advice and information they need.

With an ageing population and people living longer with disabilities, caring for a loved one is increasingly a reality for families. In fact, as our research found, 10.6 million people across the UK will take on a caring role over the next five years and £1.1 billion of Carer’s Allowance goes unclaimed each year.

It’s vital that anyone caring for a loved one seeks advice to ensure they are getting the services and support they are entitled to. Without help and assistance carers can find themselves facing financial hardship, health problems, emotional stress and relationship breakdown. They can be pushed to breaking point. This has serious consequences for individuals, families, employers and the UK economy as a whole. With new rights in the Care Act coming into effect next year, carers locally need to be informed about how it will impact them. Carers UK has launched a new Carers Rights Guide available at www.carersuk.org, which contains important information on how to get support, including details on upcoming changes to carers’ rights. We’re also ready to answer questions via our advice line. Readers can call 0808 808 7777 between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday or email advice@carersuk.org with any specific queries.

Heléna Herklots,

Chief Executive, Carers UK