LETTER: Busy year for children’s cancer charity

We have had a busy year helping families, granting wishes and arranging fun days out. We just wanted to share with you how the Children With Cancer Fund and the community nurses try to help children in East Sussex, Brighton and Hove who are suffering from cancer.

We had a call from one of the Eastbourne community nurses expressing that one of the younger children had hit a brick wall.

They could no longer endure the constant demands that treatment brings.

All the medical intervention that was helping them to continue to fight another day was now just too much for them to bear. The community nurse asked if we could help in any way.

We thought that a treat after each procedure may make things a little easier so we asked what the child really liked and purchased some goodies.

Working closely with the hospitals that the children frequent enables us to help any way we can.

The support we receive from the public, allows us to continue to make a difference to the children we help.


Western Avenue