LETTER: Bus lanes are a great idea

Bus lanes are a great idea for Eastbourne’s busiest roads. I drive around Eastbourne for my job and waste time sitting in traffic queues which cause pollution and increase breathing problems.

Traffic jams cost money in increased vehicle maintenance and more expensive bus journeys. In the next few years traffic will increase as more dwellings are built and people move into the area :-

Pococks Field and infill within the town. Plus offices and industrial units at Sovereign Harbour

Polegate 700 dwellings + industrial units. Plus developers plan for thousands to the north of Polegate and 4000 at Berwick.

Westham and Stone Cross 650.

Hailsham another 1,700.

How about building flats on top of supermarkets and car parks so people are near shops and bus stops?

I use buses and trains on my days off. Bus lanes and a 20 mile an hour traffic speed limit are two tried and tested solutions to free up the town and enhance quality of life.

In London the only solution has been a congestion charge.

Please would our councillors and MPs take action.

Fiona Mills ,

Rattle Road , Westham.