LETTER: Bus driver was very helpful

On November 6 at about 12 .50pm at the Tesco roundabout, an extremely kind driver saw me, and David (my husband), trying to run for his bus. But, and a very big but, as we had previously, on the spur of the moment, purchased a six-and-a-half foot Christmas tree which we were ( more accurately David ) carrying, hoping to catch his bus, progress was slow. Well the generous driver spotted us and waited. We thanked him profusely for his patience and he kindly said ‘ I thought you might need this.’ So, I really hope that he may read this note of gratitude. While writing, I would just also like to thank the many drivers of Stagecoach buses who are always very helpful; on that day, the driver of that particular bus was very special.

Kristina Rafael.

The Goffs