LETTER: Bring back military bands!

In response to Mr Pearson’s letter regarding ‘Airbourne’ (Eastbourne Herald, June 20).

Whilst not claiming to be in agreement with all of his expressed sentiments, I also wondered why the town no longer has a military band on the Bandstand, especially during Airbourne?

Having lived in the town for over 50 years, I can recall, in the not too distant past, when Eastbourne had at least one week of “military Music” on the Bandstand.

This was traditional seaside holiday fare and the town had a good reputation for such events.

On making enquiries as to the reasons for this tradition being discontinued, I was informed that military bands now make a considerable charge to attend such venues, running to several thousand pounds for a week.

That being the reason, and in the current climate of budgetary restrictions, this decision appears to be both one of sound judgement and fairness to the residents.

However, the town does have the asset of an excellent brass band that represents the town throughout the year, both at private and public functions.

One can only wonder that, if they were approached, whether they would be willing to present a programme of music during Airbourne? Even if a small remuneration were to be made to them I feel that the cost would prove minimal weighed against the advantages of keeping the towns folk and visitors entertained along the promenade.

W C Leach,

Victoria Drive