LETTER: Bigots should be opposed

After the horrific massacre of 12 French journalists Britain and Europe will have to change strategy if religious and racial intolerance is not to become a way of life for all of us, with more tragic consequences.

The wars in Iraq, Libya ,Syria, and Afghanistan have created millions of refugees, who have fled to Europe to escape the horrors of war.

The vast majority have become peace -loving citizens of Britain and Europe.

Multiculturalism– valuing diversity and the contribution of every community in our society – has been supported at every level of government and has made great strides forward.

UKIP and Nigel Farage has called multiculturism “gross” and blames it for attacks in France, rubbishing tolerance , like so many other right leaning politicians.

If we want to return to the safety Britain enjoyed before 1990, we must look at our foreign policy, defend multiculturalism as the only way forward, otherwise the likes of UKIP and the other bigots will rip our way of life apart.

Ian Turner

Prideaux Road.