LETTER: Bank’s free information evening on fraudsters

I am e-mailing to see if readers would like to attened a fraud awareness evening to be held on August 28 at Eastbourne Barclays, Terminus Road .

The evening has been brought about due to the change in fraud and scams we are now seeing. The lengths that fraudsters will go to to gain other people’s money is very surprising. We want to to be able to enlighten the community to the extent the fraudsters will go to to obtain money.

We have seen fraudsters pretend to be the police and even gain power of attorney.

We will be holding two sessions that evening both will have a presentation and a police officer will be there to help answer questions

One slot is at 5.30pm and the next at 6.15pm there will be 60 places in total.

I would really appriciate it if you could possibly put a small article in the paper to advertise this free service we are offering the public.

Charlotte Stevens

Personal banker, Barclays Eastbourne