Letter: article was provocative in extreme

Your article published on Friday (June 6), before the UKIP Conference, giving publicity to an Eastbourne resident who was trying to organise a demonstration outside the conference facility was provocative in the extreme. In my view it was bordering on inciting violence which we know has taken place at other venues.

The old chestnuts of racism and homophobia levelled at UKIP were certainly not present at theconference. In fact, one of the biggest receptions and standing ovations was given to a young British Sikh, aged about 30 who spoke to the conference giving his reasons for supporting UKIP.

A young black man at University in Kent also gave his reasons for voting UKIP to the conference audience, which also contained black members.

The first Scottish UKIP MEP recently elected also happens to be gay. The racist/homophobia argument does not hold water.

The fact that the protesters were conspicuous by their absence shows that the extremists in Eastbourne are in the minority and that most people agree with UKIP policies, as was confirmed by the result in the recent election.


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