LETTER: An ‘unusual’ request by wildlife group

This e-mail is rather unusual.

Over the past six months our colleagues at Blyth Wildlife Rescue in Northumberland, have been developing new facilities to provide a wildlife rescue service in their local area. They have visited several organisations across the UK, including us, to see how other organisations operate, work and how best to set up their new facilities.

Sadly, we have found out today that they have been broken into and their facilities trashed.

Luckily virtually all the casualties at the site have been recovered apart from some owls which appear to have been stolen.

John who runs the organisation on a day to day basis, reminds me of myself when younger and his passion and dedication amazing.

I am taking this unusual step of e-mailing all our supporters, to ask if you have any friend, relatives or contacts in the Blyth Northumberland area who may be able to offer him material, practical or financial help?

Not surprisingly John is very upset and disheartened by this disastrous event but I can’t bear to see fall at this hurdle. He now has the hard task of cleaning up, liaising with the police, and rebuilding the facilities.

If anyone can help him please contact him direct via his 
website http://www.

or e-mail him at John@b-w-r.org.uk.

I don’t normally send out e-mails out like this but as it is the festive period and such a horrendous way to start the New Year, I hope someone might be able to help him out.

Trevor Weeks

Founder, East Sussex Wildife Rescue and Ambulance