LETTER: All is being done to help poorly cygnets

The Friends of the Hampden Park would like to assure their members and friends that all possible is being done for the cygnets that have been removed from the pond in the park. We have been advised that there is not a virus in the water, it is not dangerous, but there are parasites in the shallow silt that have been ingested by the cygnets, hence their malaise.

One cygnet was found dead by an EBC officer, a further five were rescued and taken to a swan sanctuary charity. Two of the cygnets rescued were able to feed but three were so poorly they had to be put on a drip. Unfortunately we are advised today that one of the smaller ones has since died. The survivors have been kept together. The male swan has been returned to join his mate on the pond and it is not believed the mature swans will be further affected.

The Friends are raising an appeal for anyone who feels able to donate towards the cost of saving our cygnets. Donations please to ‘Friends of the Hampden Park’ and addressed to Courtmead, Walnut Tree Walk, Eastbourne BN20 9BP with cygnet rescue fund written on the reverse of the cheque please.

To clarify, it has been identified by the swan expert charity representative, the un dredged shallow silt remaining in the pond harbours parasites. The deeper areas that the mature swans frequent is unaffected. This is the same parasite problem that affected the swan family in 2008 which it had been hoped the £120,000’s worth of work contracted for dredging and planting of the pond would have solved. The Friends are consulting the swan experts further and were advised today that more dredging is required to the shallow silted areas, particularly adjacent to the inlet stream, to help overcome this problem.

Sandy Boyce-Sharpe

The Friends of Hampden Park