LETTER: Abandoned dog inspires poem


Sue Friend, from Hampshire, was moved by the story of the Staffordshire Terrier type dog which was abandoned outside Eastbourne railway station last month. The story went viral on social media and was picked up by the national press.


A tear slowly rolls down his sad little face

Alone and so scared in this bustling place.

Everyone passes but nobody sees

No-one is hearing his desperate pleas.

Why have you gone and where are you now?

I must have done wrong , but I just don’t know how.

Why did you drive off or get on that train?

When will you come back- will I see you again?

What did I do wrong as I tried to behave?

I ate all my dinners and thought I was brave.

Perhaps I was noisy or got in the way

You needn’t have left me you just had to say.

I’d have been quiet just like a small mouse

I’d have sat close beside you in our cosy house.

My bottom is cold on this drafty stone floor

I’ve been here for ages, I can’t stand much more.

I’m having a drink from my take-away tray

But I’m tied to the railings and can’t get away.

A man comes towards me, I’m shaking with fear

But he smiles and speaks gently then fondles my ear.

I think I will trust him as we go to his car

I don’t travel well so I hope it’s not far.

In a council run kennel is where I will stay

Till someone who wants me will take me away.

They’ll take me to their house and give me a name

i’m sure they’ll be kind but it won’t be the same.

I hope it’s a family to teach me new tricks

To take me for walks and to run after sticks.

We may even go for a run in the woods

That’s very exciting I’ll be ever so good.

They won’t find my owner he won’t want to know

And I’m sad about that as I still love him so.