LETTER: A27 - would new road really make a difference?

It seems to me extremely optimistic to suppose that tinkering with our roads here and there is going to make the slightest difference in the long run - the whole of the A27 from Folkestone to Honiton is completely overloaded -another small piece of fast road will ruin the countryside in its way only to filter traffic into another bottleneck as we shall soon see on the Hastings bypass. Here in the South East we are victims of our affluence, I mean, where did “school runs” come from? and when did every single young person expect to run a car? In spite of every type of persuasion, we still prefer to sit in traffic jams or crawl along at walking speed sealed in our lonely cars on a daily basis in preference to taking our chances on public transport. Yes, we’ve tried cycling in our storm wear, petrified with the closeness and speed with which cars overtake us and breathing in their fumes. We’ve wobbled along with a child on the front or dragged behind in a cart. Are these really options?

Alison Cushing

Granville Road