LETTER: A modest proposal...

‘A Modest Proposal’ for Preventing the People of Eastbourne and Hastings from being a Burden to the NHS and for making them Beneficial to the NHS Trust headed by Mr Grayson (with thanks to Jonathan Swift) .

Maybe our NHS CEO does not like babies? How else to explain “mums and their babies left alone for hours when scared and in pain”, “babies mistagged”, “maternity unit dirty and untidy”.

Signs of caring “please put placentas in the correct bin and on top of the washing machines and not under the sink”. Why blame him for “a rotting placenta smelling and not very pleasant”.

So a Modest Proposal: First, no more babies.

To deter the need for maternity provision babies henceforth should as Jonathan Swift suggested back in 1729 become “a most delicious nourishing and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked or boiled”.

This will lift the unjust burden of maternity responsibility from the shoulders of Mr Grayson and his team.

So modest a proposal.

Who would then doubt our NHS Trust CEO’s heartfelt cry ‘the NHS is safe in my hands’?

Malcolm Rasala

Harbour Club, Sovereign Harbour