LETTER: 999 response was fantastic

I was witness to the aftermath of another traffic accident at the junction of Granville and Carlisle Road on Tuesday January 13 and the very next day I was shocked to see another driver speeding straight across the junction apparently oblivious to the give way signs, by luck there was nothing coming down Carlisle Road at that moment. The sun was shining directly in the face of that driver which was possibly the case the previous day.

There have been several collisions on this junction, one being a cyclist seriously injured in October and I hope the experts will find a way of making it safer very quickly.

I would like to praise the emergency services who did a fantastic job attending and extricating the injured passenger but I was dismayed to read in a report on the internet that the passenger with a broken arm was taken to St Leonards Hospital – the DGH was a 10 minute drive . Is this a case of don’t believe all you read or can our hospital no longer deal with a broken arm?

Alison Cushing

Granville Road