Lets get realistic over debate for the Gildredge Park skatepark

THE resurgence of the debate on the Gildredge Park skatepark is once again generating more heat than light.

As an example, Mr Saunders writes in the Herald (March 2) accusing Cllr Liddiard of a “betrayal of young people.”

This is a sweeping and absurd exaggeration, bearing in mind that there are more than 10,000 young people in Eastbourne within the ages of five to 17 years.

It appears a lack of support for skateboarders in the area, say generously a hundred or so, by definition is a “betrayal” of the youth of Eastbourne, even if they are not at all interested in skateboarding. Nothing else matters!

Are we seeing a lack of proportion on this subject?

Or are we witnessing the party politics of the scheme’s backers all too evident?


Hardwick Road.