Let’s see how the councillors voted

AT LAST we know that the Hindsland/Morning Mill farm housing developments have been approved, in spite of the 2003 and later consultations showing clearly that the petitions signed by 1,000 residents, together with many more that were discarded because they were in writing and not posted on line, were totally ignored by Wealden council.

No doubt the review and appeal for Honey Farm will go the same way. Together these developments will create more than 1,200 new dwellings in Willingdon and Polegate. The objections were not a case of nimbyism.

The developments will have a dramatic effect on hospitals, schools, public services over a wide area and create our own M25 leading only to longer queues at the unemployment offices.

If the Wealden councillors consider these developments so essential, why have the names who voted for and against not been published? Surely they cannot hide behind the ill-used confidentiality act.

The governments desire for more political openness and the Freedom of Information Act must open these closed doors, or are they afraid that the people will speak via the ballot box in the forthcoming May elections?

Mr Butler

Thurrock Close