Let’s pull together for the sake of Seaford

Seaford Town Council Committee meeting March 21.

Were we at the right meeting? Had we mistakenly gone to Seaford Magistrates’ Court, where a gang of feckless felons were on trial for the grievous offence of “wanton and reckless tree planting.”?

Despite a fair-minded and amiable chairman, it was really hard to believe that the town’s administration was dealing with a group of volunteers whose entirely selfless aim was to improve the landscape and environment of the town we all love.

It seems to us that the town’s administration would do well to reflect upon the treatment it meted out to some of the best of our well intentioned citizens.

We hope and expect that future encounters will not be characterised by obstruction and obfuscation, but will borrow from Obama’s mantra in adopting the attitude: “Together, we can do it!”

Ann Jury, Geoffrey Jury,

Upper Belgrave Road,

Paula Sellwood,

Don Sellwood,

Chyngton Road,

Ruth Young,

Douglas Young

Maurice Road