Let’s not wait for someone to die

A FEW years ago I record reading in the Herald on a regular basis that the scourge of the so-called boy racers were disrupting and making people’s lives a living nightmare in the town centre and surrounding area, racing up and down Hyde Gardens, Devonshire Place and so on.

To the delight of the residents in those areas they were moved on, so much so they even disappeared for a little while.

Now 2012 is well in its stride and, surprise, surprise, they are back. Breaking the law, disturbing the peace right into the early hours of the morning, racing out of Mcdonalds car park racing up Lottbridge Drove towards the Sovereign Centre, down Princess Road and then along Seaside taking them back to Macdonalds.

In between these runs they will either stop off at the water treatment plants and Fort Fun’s car park where they sit revving their engines or spinning doughnuts.

If these people lived in the real world and not with their parents they wouldn’t even be able to afford to drive let alone waste petrol and shorten the life of their tyres. On top of all of this we have to endure the constant speeding from the day time traffic as well.

Approximately 18 months ago I presented a petition to East Sussex County Council asking for something to be done about it. The petition was heard successfully.

Then surprise surprise as times are hard, it has been put on the back burner with nothing planned to be done until later this year.

As I said in my closing statement to ESCC all it takes is one of these boy racers to lose control and some poor innocent bystander will be seriously hurt or even killed and I would hate to be the one to say that I told you so,

You cannot put a price on someone’s life.

As for the police, you cannot expect them to be there 24/7, and I’m pretty sure that if ESCC did something sooner rather than later then myself and other residents on the estate will not be calling them to report these motoring morons, thus their time will be better used elsewhere.



Regency Park

Residents Association