Let’s not create pension divide

THE new pension system does not include those already retired - but why? We have all paid taxes and that includes those who will retire just before the new arrangements come into force.

Are you going to be lucky or unlucky? If you are one of the unlucky ones then speak to your MP now and see what response you get and what he will do for you.

Is anyone going to support a pension divide? No, we need help from the national press and unions to say this idea is unfair and unjust.

This coalitiongovernment needs to think again before it brings in the great pension divide. We need action now against a totally unfair pension for all.

By paying pensioners different amounts, there will be those who can’t afford paying their ever-increasing council tax.

Or will the council tax for Eastbourne be at a different amount for those on the lower State Pension? I don’t think so and the same goes for the utility bills.

If this Government has not got the money to give us all the same pension then why bring the reforms in just for a few?

Everybody must be treated the same, we have all paid our taxes and still do.

Do you, Mr Cameron and Mr N Clegg, think this is going to win you votes at the next election? I don’t think so. Fairness for all, you cannot be selective on an issue like pensions.

Mr M W Leach

Beverington Road