‘Let’s have some sensible rules’

CITIZENS of Eastbourne... Beware.

The habit of parking on loading bays at night, after 6pm and even outside empty shops has become the latest cash cow for East Sussex County Council.

In South Street I witnessed just such a “crime”, at 9.15pm, where some poor driver had parked outside an empty shop and no doubt the culprit had to pay a fine of up to £70 or half if paid within a certain time. What is going on that we should be hounded both day and night?

Come on ESCC get some sense about you and let’s have some sensible rules. Ideally, No parking on Loading Bays between 6am and 6pm, after that no lorry would deliver anyway, why not?

Because they would by then have reached the permitted hours of driving as set out by the EEC.

Another point...are you all aware that the charge for parking on the seafront is only 20p for two hours and 20p thereafter during the winter? So park on the seafront and walk to achieve a very good result.... exercise and saving your selves some money as well.

What comment from ESCC and Eastbourne Borough on this subject please.

G. Barton

Park Avenue