Let’s have some positive headlines

IS THIS what care means? The headlines on July 6 made me extremely angry.

Of course this type of behaviour is not acceptable and should not ever be tolerated,it must be addressed and dealt with.

I am in no way condoning it, it is vile, but is it really headline news?

Should the idiotic behaviour of a small minority bring the whole care industry into disrepute. Of course not.

These headlines would have distressed a lot of residents but I would like to remind everyone there is a lot of extremely good care being given most of the time.

The care industry has taken a lot of criticism recently and for those that work in care it can be very demoralising.

Carers have an extremely tough job and it takes a certain type of person to be able to care particularly for the elderly and vulnerable.

From first-hand knowledge there are lots of excellent carers in Eastbourne providing a high standard of care to the residents and giving them respect and dignity, day in, day out.

Can we please for a change have some positive reports on good care and make these the headlines rather than carers feeling like their industry is always being criticised.

Thanks to all the carers in Eastbourne that do an absolutely amazing job! In answer to your question ‘Is this what care means’ No, it’s definitely not!



Everycare Eastbourne