Let’s encourage children to cycle

MY 10-year-old son is starting senior school in September and I am trying to ensure he is safe to cycle on the roads.

Last Sunday, I rode with him to Princes Park from Meads Village along the seafront which turned out to be extremely hazardous.

Our first incident was with an elderly driver who was stationary in a queue of traffic, he was so close to the curb we have had to stop and scoot on the grass in order to pass.

The driver promptly honked his horn and spouted off abuse - I was extremely surprised by this outburst.

On our return journey, there were so many cars parked on our left and traffic whizzing past us on our right that my son clipped a wing mirror with his handlebars - he was extremely lucky not to have ended up under a car.

Lastly, we were riding past the Grand Hotel when again an elderly man opened his car door.

My son panicked and swerved to avoid hitting him. He nearly ended up under a car.

If this is one example which illustrates the reason for a cycle lane along the seafront then I challenge anyone to say it is not necessary.

There is nowhere for anyone to ride safely - Eastbourne is not ‘bucking the trend’ as suggested by Edward Thomas, it is in the dark ages.

Surely in this day and age it is important for everyone to be able to exercise safely. When I was a child I could ride my bike everywhere and therefore I was fit, healthy and happy.

Nowadays, with so much traffic on the roads it is impossible for children to have a little bit of freedom away from their TV screens.

Sharon Marshall

Rowsley Road.