Let’s concentrate on quality of rail service

WHILE it seems desirable to have a faster service between Eastbourne and Victoria, would it not be a better option to concentrate on the quality of the journey itself.

Considering the train serves Gatwick Airport from both here and London, it would be highly beneficial to use carriages with adequate accessible luggage racks positioned through the train. The present provision for luggage is deplorable to say the least.

Additionally, there should be carriages designated as “silent” – this would mean customers could travel in relative peace without the incessant mobile phone babble and also the inane conversations between people who either like the sound of their own voice or lack the ability to speak quietly or even worse, both!

Finally, the quality of the journey could be improved by reducing overcrowding due to the lack of carriages. It is interesting to note the number of carriages will be increased during Olympic games. Why not do this during the rest of the year?


Churchill Close