Let’s bring county cricket back to the Saffrons

Is it not time that county cricket returned to the Saffrons ground in Eastbourne? The thought occurred recently when reading the biography of the late and great cricket commentator John Arlott, who saw his first county game at the ground back in 1926.

It was Sussex v Lancashire with the likes of Maurice Tate taking part in the game. It was this game together with Arlott’s first Ashes game at the Oval in the same year that helped hook him on the game. His grandparents lived in the Meads. Arlott later returned to the Saffrons many times, often as a commentator on Sunday afternoons in the 1970s.

The Saffrons ground is steeped in this type of cricketing history, with some of the great players down the years gracing the ground. County cricket has not been seen here though since 2000.

Beyond nostaligia there is also surely an argument for Sussex CCC to return to Eastbourne and beyond on the basis of taking cricket out to the county.

At present the name Sussex seems something of a misrepresentation as the county side does not come east at all now.

In past decades there was Eastbourne week and cricket at Hastings, now the few sojourns away from Hove are restricted to places like Horsham and Arundel.

Sussex should either come back to Eastbourne and beyond or rename the county side West Sussex.

Surely. the time has come for county cricket to return to the Eastbourne.


Saffrons Road