Let people die with dignity

I WAS very disappointed that Dr Nitschke’s meeting was cancelled last month.

I do agree with him on this subject and wanted to hear what he had to say.

I cannot understand all the controversy about this matter. Euthanasia should be available to all when they feel it’s the right time for them.

I am 81-years-old, in good health and have all my faculties, perhaps not as many as I had when I was young but I’m doing very well thank you.

I still feel it would make the rest of my life less stressed if I know I could die with dignity. The fact that palliative care is there doesn’t make life easier when you are doubly incontinent and need someone to feed and clean you. That’s not living.

The drugs that you are given may help with the pain, but you are then left in a semi-comatose state not fit for anything.

You are just existing, no good to anyone.

I also don’t want my two loving and caring daughters to see me deteriorate into a vegetable.

The drugs that would be used to keep me alive can far better be used treating other people who will recover and allow them to get on with their lives.

Animals are humanely put to sleep when in pain, yet us humans are left in the sometimes, and it must be said, less than satisfactory care homes.

I am sure this law will be passed sometime in the future, though probably not in my lifetime, I regret to say.

Beryl Billenness

Sovereign Court