Let eyesore be a warning

IN REPLY to Malcolm Rasala’s recent letter the Herald: Eastbourne is ugly.....hideously ugly.

I am wondering whom Malcolm Rasala claims to support with his view on Eastbourne when he states, “Robert and his kind may want to live in Victorian times. They may have not noticed - we don’t.”

How many have read Robert Armstrong’s Guide to the town, which is now sadly out of print? But copies can be found in the Central Library.

It shows such a rich legacy bestowed by visionary benefactors.

The town’s image as a leading seaside resort comes mainly from the seventh Duke of Devonshire in 1850, who created the town we enjoy today.

Even the pier, which Mr Rasala claims is “hideously grotesque rotting ugly,” has the accolade of being the finest pier in Britain.

He mentions John Betjeman and his comments on Slough, but what of his fight along with others like Robert Armstrong, who fought to preserve the image of Eastbourne in the 1960s, when it was threatened by a Meads councillor wanting to build three high-rise flats along the seafront.

Mercifully, John Betjeman and a large proportion of Eastbourne residents managed to stop two of the three high-rise flats.

Now we are just left with the South Cliff Tower eyesore, as a warning, how easily a town and skyline can be destroyed.


St Philips Avenue