Left stranded outside the DGH

I AM disgusted with Stagecoach Customer Services at their lack of interest or caring in e-mails sent to them from their passengers.

I have sent them three e-mails over the last few weeks, two requesting an explanation why a particular bus service was apparently cut at a particular time leaving me stranded outside the DGH.

The last one was concerning an accident with a bus demolishing the glass in one of the shelters injuring an elderly man resulting in him being taken to hospital and also showering me with glass. Despite my contact they have not had the courtesy to respond which I find extremely bad customer service practice and shows a total and complete lack of interest or concerns for their passengers.

What a shame Eastbourne Buses sold to Stagecoach and what a shame they didn’t sell to Brighton & Hove buses.

They operate an excellent service from Eastbourne to Brighton, it is extremely frequent, the buses are in a decent condition and the drivers very polite and caring.

I sent a copy of the last e-mail to one of the local councillors and he responded within a day advising he was going to speak to one of the heads at Stagecoach about this. At least he was concerned and took an interest.


Grenada Close