Leave this to those who really do care

IT’S a sad fact that the future of our hospital looks bleak and I firstly, like the majority of locals, want to say I’d fight tooth and nail to keep our services and status.

What amazes me though is our MP Stephen Lloyd, a past saviour of the ‘Save the DGH’ campaign, who is back on his soapbox like a messiah also pledging to do all in his glorious power to save the DGH. All good and well, except something has changed since the last campaign.

This man happened to vote WITH the government in the reforms to our NHS – the reforms that the by far majority of clinicians say spells disaster for the NHS as a whole.

He also voted for the risk register surrounding these reforms be kept from the public gaze. Why, if they have nothing to hide?

If they’re rightly calling for transparency within the NHS why are they not able to provide it themselves?

Stephen Lloyd has drawn a line in the sand and stepped across it – how dare he now claim to still holds the torch for the DGH!

He should stay away from this campaign and leave it to the people who REALLY care about the DGH and NHS. I’m afraid Stephen Lloyd cares for one thing only, and that is Stephen Lloyd,