Leaf Hall is iconic

I have read with dismay your report upon the danger to the Leaf Hall.

Naturally it would have happened sooner or later. Iconic (I use the word correctly, not just to mean well-known) places in Eastbourne have recently been destroyed, like the Archery pub and now the Lottbridge Arms, neither of great individual architectural merit, but traditional buildings which characterised the Victorian/Edwardian atmosphere of a town which was built to have an elegant tone, and which without that is rather a dingy place.

This hall really is an iconic building. It was the architect R. K. Blessley’s fine example of architecture with the working classes in mind (he created the “Italian Terraces” of Lushington Road, where Lewis Carroll spent many summers, for the middle classes and the Grand Hotel for the upper classes). Blessley did other work in Eastbourne and the environs, but like the other two examples I have mentioned, the Leaf Hall is exceptional and all possible should be done to save it from unsympathetic development. I hope the Herald will support this.


Lushington Road