Lakcs of toilets is inconvenient

At a time when public conveniences are being closed, i.e. Hailsham, Uckfield and now Polegate under threat, I was interested to read that the House of Lords is refurbishing two toilets at a cost of £100,000.

We are definitely not “all in it together” these days! An elderly friend was forced to squat behind a hedge in a road when she found no public conveniences in a small town in Wealden she had visited and the local shops did not allow the public to use their toilets, and the cafe wanted her to pay £2.50 for a cup of coffee which would only have given her the same problem on her bus journey back.

Surely it is a human right to have a public convenience available for the general public. What do bus drivers and other motorists do?

Someone local could be paid a sum to open, clean, and close a toilet. I realise cuts have to be made, but surely everyone in the world has to use a toilet.

It is as bad in London as we found out when we needed a toilet at Marble Arch and a newspaper vendor told us not to go into Hyde Park as they were disgusting and we had to go into a takeaway and buy something to use their toilet.

When travelling in Dorset recently most car parks had clean public conveniences even in the smaller villages.


Winchester Way.