Lack of regard for predecessor

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From: Peter Parfitt-King

Church Marks Lane, East Hoathly

I refer to an article of October 6 regarding the excellent charity, Reformed, and a letter dated October 13 about WASPI.

The former article made it clear that the lead into the commendable and excellent work done by Charmaine Sewell, came from Caroline Ansell and its impetus – even its appearance on the Home Secretary’s agenda – likewise.

To see Stephen Lloyd’s photo attached to that piece, as with every other point of political interest, was a promotion of this man’s self-interest, without regard to Caroline’s previous hard work in this matter.

I notice that Mr Lloyd failed, as usual, to acknowledge the sterling work of his predecessor.

In the latter piece of the week before, Luke Proudfoot, illustrated in his percipient letter, the double standards of the current MP; he might easily have added the considerable efforts made by Mrs Ansell, whilst the serving MP, to address the legitimate concerns of women affected by this injurious piece of legislation, both in the House and with the DWP, without compromising her principles.

Somebody else once remarked that talk is cheap; it certainly is in respect of Stephen Lloyd.