Keeping up interest in Heritage Centre

HOT on the heels of Tony Crooks’ and Paul O’Callaghan’s letters (Herald editions January 1 and February 4) I was pleased to read (Herald February 18) that the Eastbourne Heritage Centre will have a programme of exhibitions to ‘constantly refresh...Interest in the Centre” for which I hope they will issue press releases to media and magazines specialising in the subject of the exhibitions so to encourage more visitors.

I read that the first floor “will focus on the arrival of the railway.” The old station display at the H.C. failed to cover the main Eastbourne branch properly and didn’t even mention the Crumbles branch, which literally helped build Eastbourne as well as bring coal to the gas and electric works.

In fact, I hope the H.C. will have the history of the gas and (now closed) electric works which powered Eastbourne, both of which were bombed during WW2, as well as a display telling the different stages in development of the Pier as that is Eastbourne’s star attraction.

In the Herald it was revealed how Mr O’Callaghan had helped the H.C. Committee out by purchasing a new computer to scan rare photos on short loan, when it became clear none of them knew still how to work their scanner/printer, so it is pleasing now to read that, “in due course” the “new” computer will, eventually, be used....(I do hope the H.C. will reimburse Mr O’Callaghan for helping them).

It’s a shame the archaeology section in the basement has been scrapped (for the audio-visual display), but hopefully it will be worth it.

I look forward to “the programme of exhibitions” which I had read would include an exhibition on the Eastbourne Tramway (now sadly lost to Seaton), as only residents who have been in Eastbourne since the mid 1960’s know of it.

One thing which does concern me is that the article refers to the centre as being run by the Eastbourne Society. I thought the local history and archaeology groups helped run it?

Monopolies are never a good thing, so I hope Mr O’Callaghan’s MRA proposal for the Wish Tower becoming a museum and Mr Crooks’ idea for St Elizabeth’ church in becoming a museum, both materialise.

C Weedon

Seaside Road