Keeping the NHS plans secret?

WE LEARN now of Mr Lansley’s apology for not telling people about his proposed changes to our NHS. It appears he did not tell Mr Cameron either, or did he?

Before the General Election he must have known what his proposals were going to be. He had been working on them for about seven years.

It looks almost as if he was keeping his plans secret. I remember before the election he flatly refused to continue cross party talks about care for the elderly.

He has had plenty of opportunity to engage with the people in the NHS. Again he seems to have wanted to keep it secret.

We are told the government wants to involve everybody in matters which affect them, remember ‘transparency’?

Why then weren’t we told. Perhaps he and Mr Cameron, (he said he would ‘protect’ our NHS), thought it was best not to worry us before we voted?

Mr Lansley and Mr Cameron must remember it is our NHS, not theirs. It is one of our proudest possessions, and all the folk in the NHS are doing a grand job for all of us. We are proud of them.

Of course with every apology there should come the principle it will not happen again.

Mr Lansley should always let us know of his plans. One intention some people would like to hear of is his decision to stand down. Is he big enough to do that?

Bob Milton

Leyland Road

Pevensey Bay