Justify these price increases

CAN someone from the council justify the extortionate price hike at the Sovereign Centre during school holidays?

On going for my usual 50+ swim last week, I was informed by the receptionist that like ‘everywhere’ their prices went up for school holidays. Why?

Well, I am happy to pay for a service so was intrigued to see what my extra 40p would give me.

Maybe one of the following options:

Use of the diving pool - no. Only children with an instructor were allowed to use this.

How about the small section attached to the Gala Pool so I could do some exercises - no. Only groups of children with an instructor again.

Parking charge included (another rip off) - no way!

Extra staff - no. Still only one lifeguard on duty and no cleaner to be seen during my visit.

Towels provided, free use of hairdryer or a cup of tea then? The answer to all the possibilities was no. So why did I have to pay 40p extra for exactly the same facilities I get every other week?

Out of interest, do gym members pay extra subscriptions during the holidays or is the cost incorporated in their monthly payments?

I know I was not alone in feeling the injustice of this and will not give the centre my custom during the holidays in future.

Maybe all parents should boycott the centre too or arrange a petition against the ludicrous notion of hiking prices when more people are likely to frequent the premises!

Jane Kenny

Court Road, Eastbourne