Just why is there nowhere to turn?

I AM very concerned about the report in last week’s Gazette, page 7, under the heading: “Ex-addict became ‘skeleton’ before death in hospital.”

My beloved husband of 63 years, died a year ago over several weeks in our hospital and the last fortnight in a nursing home, literally starving to death, until he too was a pitiful skeleton who could not move or speak.

When I managed to catch his eyes, they were full of despair.

The experts I consulted gave me conflicting answers, as to the pain and the cause he was suffering. Literally one or two days before he suffered this pain, he was his normal self, driving his car, etc. To watch day after day, as a kind and wonderful person is condemned to die in this horrendous way and there is nowhere you can turn!

Over 10 years ago, I helped two friends with medical problems, by going to the Community Health Council. Why did the last Government destroy this helpful council?

T Williamson

Melvill Lane