Just who should we compain to?

HAS David Vickers actually been to see St Andrew’s or does he even know where it is?

Because I think he has his head in the clouds and he ought to get back down to earth and come and see what we have to put up with in Norway Road.

I notice that he said you can only see the proposed classroom from a part of Vine Square, but mentions nothing about what we will see from Norway Road, and the traffic we are going to have to put up with which is already subject to an ongoing situation between the council and the police.

We have to put up with not being able to get off our drives at certain times of the day, and of course we must not complain to the car owners for fear of the abuse we have suffered in the past.

I see the photo posted in the Herald looks quite good, but does not tell the truth.

Let me invite you to Norway Road at times and take pictures that tell the truth, better still see some of the pictures we have, as a photographer I have collected quite a few, and if Mr Vickers would like to come and have a look he is welcome, but I will not hold my breath - it may be too far away from his safe environment.

Then of course we have the problem of parking on the walkways in our road where we have elderly and disabled people and where at times you have to walk out into the road to get past the parked cars.

If there was a fire, a fire engine would stand no chance of getting through, nor would an ambulance, to say nothing about the damage it is doing to the walkways, with sinking pavements etc.

If anyone knows who to complain to perhaps they can let us know because the council says it is nothing to do with them and the police just say they are very sympathetic towards parking in Eastbourne.

Alan Martin

Norway Road