Just what is wrong with flying the flag?

I WONDERED how long it would take before Pevensey Parish Council realised the white lions had gone, to be replaced by the Union flags on Pevensey marshes.

It appears to be Mr Gulzar who is the target, not the flags or the lions.

It would be interesting to know if all the other people flying flags in Pevensey Bay have been contacted and if not, why not.

What is wrong with being patriotic and flying the flag? Mr Gulzar is a respected businessman employing numerous people in the area and should be fully supported by Pevensey Parish Council in his endeavours.

The area on the marshes has been considerably improved with all the junk removed and I am sure the wetlands are thriving under his care.

Are there no other issues the council could pay attention to that would benefit local residents?

Rosemary Lovell

Dallaway Drive, Stone Cross