Just listen to the noises at Prime Minister’s Questions!

Bob Milton’s letter re: The Nasty Party in the Gazette December 19 betrays ignorance of the fact that we have an adversarial form of Parliamentary debate, whether we like it or not.

That is why all parties barrack one another mercilessly; not least the Opposition when Government ministers are speaking.

Just listen to the noise and abuse at Prime Minister’s Questions. It is very nasty indeed, so there is no need to be sensitive about “bruiser” Balls.

Let us also not forget, on the economic matters raised in the letter, that it was the previous Labour Government, of which Ed Balls and Ed Milliband held senior positions, who by their economic incompetence and gross profligacy placed this country into near bankruptcy.

It is the correct policy of reducing this nasty national debt which has caused pain for the mass of people.

Discomfort not shared you’ll notice by another contributor to the mess in which we find ourselves, Mr Tony Blair, now earning £15 million or more a year.

Is Mr Blair, the committed Socialist, now to be defined as a “posh boy” in your view Mr Milton?

MICHAEL BLACK, Hardwick Road.