Judge by his achievements

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WE OUGHT to judge our MP not on the ruling of a court, but on the results he achieves for our town.

Whether it has been creating 181 apprenticeships for Eastbourne’s youth, securing more than £10 million additional funding for the Eastbourne Academy, successfully lobbying government to guarantee a fair pension deal for women, or keeping his pledge to the people of Eastbourne on tuition fees, Stephen Lloyd has been no less than profoundly committed to fighting for our town.

A catalyst for unlocking Eastbourne’s potential, whose work is ‘as good as it gets’ according to the Independent (10/12/11), Mr Lloyd has led the transformation of the constituency more effectively in the last 18 months than in the 18 years under his predecessor. No court can change that.

It is his dedication, determination and desire to steer Eastbourne towards prosperity, extending long before the General Election, that won it for Stephen Lloyd 2010, not a leaflet that had been largely overlooked until now.

And ultimately, it is this very commitment that makes Mr Lloyd fit to see through the term for which we elected him to serve as our Member of Parliament, and continue to further our town’s cause. It is for us to support him in this endeavour.


Regnum Close