JPK Project should appeal against decision

I was saddened to read Mr Loxley-Harding’s letter about the JPK Project (Eastbourne Herald, October 12).

I have always believed that a society can be measured by the extent to which it cares for its most vulnerable members and I have been heartened by the thousands of good people in Eastbourne who work tirelessly and selflessly to help others, especially those suffering from physical and mental disabilities.

Eastbourne is rightly proud of such people, and none more so than Jill Parker, who has always been a shining example of someone who has for many years fought to provide the supported living accommodation for people with severe learning disabilities which is so much needed.

Jill worked closely with both the planning and highway officers who recommended approval for the development, so for Mr Loxley-Harding to suggest that there were valid objections based on parking is disingenuous at best.

Sadly, for all the good people who genuinely care about providing a better quality of life for the more vulnerable members of society there will always be a small number of people who object to this kind of development on their doorsteps.

Mr Loxley-Harding says he cannot understand why Jill Parker should want to appeal, albeit the Council Planning Officers recommended approval. Of course you should appeal, Jill.

What you have been fighting for all these years is far too important to be stopped now by a few people who lack your caring and your commitment.

GREG SZANTO, Stuart Avenue.