Journey is too uncomfortable

I HAVE, fortunately, not had a heart attack of any kind, but have had occasion to be taken to Hastings Accident and Emergency by ambulance in the early hours of one morning in February of this year with bad stomache pain.

It was bad enough for me, suffering from a relatively minor ailment, but for somebody suffering a heart attack (or a pregnant woman) it would be horrendous.

The journey is bad enough from Eastbourne to Hastings, but once in Hastings it is necessary to turn off the relatively level highway and travel uphill for quite a long way on a narrow, twisting road and since, by definition, an ambulance carrying an emergency has to move at top speed, if one is in pain, in my experience the sensation is not very pleasant.

If one were suffering a heart attack it would not be very conducive to one’s survival however efficient the paramedics; the same applies to a woman with pregnancy complications.

I should imagine the journey to Brighton would be equally problematic.

Finally, why is it Hastings which has to have the heart unit?

I would have thought Eastbourne has the highest proportion of older people. At least, that’s what they’re always telling us!

Mrs. L. Simmons

Treemaines Road