Items in photograph had not been stolen

I WRITE with regards to the article ‘Thieves’ Aladdin’s Cave!’

I was absolutely disgusted to see a policeman proudly displaying items from my late mother’s estate.

I would like to point out and make clear to readers that all the items, with the exception of the rings, shown in the photograph accompanying your article are in fact not stolen and were taken to the ‘undisclosed location’ in Eastbourne in order to assist me in the winding up and valuation of my late mother’s estate.

I feel completely distraught for those involved as I have known them for quite a few years now and they have always been completely trustworthy, reliable and honest, which is why I took my late mother’s antiques to them in the first place, and they very kindly offered to help me get them valued and assessed.

This whole incident has upset me and my family and caused those in question the embarrassment of informing me of the fact that not only have my items been seized by the police but also publicly displayed in a photograph.

Those in question gave the police my contact details in order to verify where the items came from but the police have neglected to make any sort of contact to verify this.

Following your article I have obviously now contacted the police and informed them these items were given in good faith in order to finalise my late mother’s estate.

I hope they will soon be returned to those in question in order that the valuations can finally be carried out.


Eden Close