It was wrong to publish the article over elderly care

I wish to express my deep concerns about a recent report in the Herald (August 2).

It is not so much the article itself which may be considered newsworthy, and I have no comments to make about it as such, but I feel strongly about the photographs that accompanied it.

The report focussed on an incident in a local nursing home.

The photograph was of the elderly lady concerned, lying uncovered on a bed in a semi foetal position, chest exposed and incontinence pad visible; she appeared to be asleep or anyway not aware of the photo being taken.

I understand that a relative with Power of Attorney was happy to have the photo published, and it was placed in a prominent position on the third page of the publication.

However, to print such a photograph I feel showed a complete disregard for the privacy or dignity of the lady, and is little more than abuse of an elderly person unable to speak for herself, or give permission for such photograph to be so widely circulated.

Caring for elderly people can be demanding and complex, and their needs should always be foremost.

The story had been told. Printing such a degrading photograph was, I believe, an ill-considered, disrespectful and somewhat shameful decision on the part of the editorial staff.

Who amongst us would wish to be so publicly viewed in that manner?