It seems a very simple equation

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I FIND it singularly tiresome reading correspondence from readers, who are either clearly opponents of MP Stephen Lloyd, saying he should resign his seat, or else from those who think he’s wonderful and should therefore remain.

While acknowledging Mr Lloyd is indeed approachable and supportive and is not a difficult figure to track down in the constituency, this is of no consequence.

The whole matter of Mr Lloyd’s future lies entirely in whether his defamation of his predecessor is upheld in appeal.

If it is not, he carries on. If it is, he is revealed as having either committed or having been party to the committing of serious impropriety and must go.

As Richard Nixon said, “The American people need to know if their president is a crook.”

So, as a matter of fact, do the constituents of Eastbourne and Willingdon with regards their Member of Parliament. It’s as simple and uncomplicated as that.


Selmeston Road