It’s time to stop this Towner hate campaign

AS CHAIRMAN of the Towner gallery’s Friends I am responding to the various letters in the Herald recently.

Councillor Stanley’s comments were designed to put some matters straight, and to put to rest some preconceptions, and Anthony Howard’s letter said something I agree with. Particularly about the Hate Towner brigade. I believe it is high time this came to a stop.

In my view the gallery is settling down, and is now financially in better shape.

However I would like to make public what the Friends have contributed, mainly because it is rarely mentioned.

Over many years we have given well over £100,000, and since leaving the old building, have helped the gallery with quite large sums, all of which is raised by members and the presentation of top class events in the arts, which our charity is set up to do.

Just in the last few years we have for instance:

r Given £4,000 to purchase a Bawden picture of Newhaven.

r Purchased all the table and chairs in the canteen (used elsewhere as well) for £19,400

r A Ravilious etching for £5,000

r Viewings and Walk and Talks £320

r The art education joint project £,.500 (mentioned by Councillor Stanley last week)

In all our support has come to £35,220

Elizabeth Muir-Lewis


The Friends of the Towner