It’s time for some answers

WE HAVE this week added news of housing, pension and care crises. We don’t want a communist state but the reform of capitalism is urgent.

Property values are destroying the people’s lives. We were told in the sixties that by the end of the century we would have so much time on our hands.

But that has come and gone, and we are working all hours to stand still - so what’s the answer?

1 Rent all development land at £1,000 per acre per annum.

2 Create Land Community Trust to build houses for £80,000 -£90,000,

3 Allow people to buy them at cost plus £100 annual ground rent,

4 Build houses with two kitchens so grandchildren could look after gradparent with just a door apart,

5 Set up a pension trust you pay into after your house is paid for, the capital can only be drawn after your 65th birthday, any surplus could be transferred to another family trust fund,

6 Affordable care homes could be provided by the trust under the land rental scheme,

7 Owners of land would either accept the rental or may choose to have a 50-year lease; otherwise a compulsory purchase order would be put on the land,

8 A new layout and design is required for new developments, stop building what appear to be concentrations camps?

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Laurence Keeley

Fairfield, Herstmonceux