It’s sometimes kinder to leave dog at home?

THIS summer we have had some very hot weather and people have been out and about - at the air show perhaps, in town, at boot fairs - with their dogs.

I have passed many dogs with their tails curled under them in misery because they are being walked through crowds, in hot weather with no access to water.

I see their owners drinking nice cold drinks while their dog is obviously panting and distressed.

Please, if you take your dog, also take a bottle of water and a small bowl with you. You could also use a carrier bag – making a hollow in it to pour the water in.

If it is really hot and crowded – would it be kinder to leave your dog at home?

Another thing in this weather is to make sure your dog’s collar is not too tight because the heat will make it very uncomfortable.

And if you are sitting outside, try and find some shade for your dog.

It has been humid enough so imagine how you would feel wearing a fur coat and a collar!


Hill Road