It’s parking mad

I’ve read over the last few weeks the letters from car drivers taking patients to the A&E department of Eastbourne DGH during the night.

I too had occasion to take my husband just before midnight as he was in extreme pain. I was told in the early hours of the following morning that he was required to stay in hospital and asked if I would like to go home and collect some things for him.

When I left the hospital, my car was only one of two in the car park but I had to pay just over £6 to get out. I was fortunate I had the thought, among all the panic and worry about my husband, to collect my purse and handbag before we left home.

I returned with my husband’s effects and once again parked in the car park. I stayed with him until he was admitted to the ward, at which time I had to pay another £5 to get out of the car park.

I can’t think of anywhere else in Eastbourne where you have to pay to park your car during the evening. Surely, under the circumstances that people find themselves in when visiting the hospital at night, payment of car parking is the last thing on their mind and should not be added to the problems and emotions they are already going through.

It wasn’t until I read the letters on your page that I thought of writing. If more people complained, particularly to EDGH, perhaps they would do something to avoid this situation.

I, like your other correspondents, think this is completely unnecessary, unfair and an added pressure at a time of distress.

J Bowden

Roffrey Avenue