It’s our duty to remain vigilant

AS MANY will suspect, contacts on my social networking sites are mainly dissidents who completely disapprove of this corrupt and (by our estimation) illegal government and who feel it’s dissolution long overdue.

However, we aren’t embroiled in some sinister sort of Cato Street Conspiracy - in fact, you’d find a lot of our comments trite and irrelevant, if not inane - and we unanimously disapprove of the riots and all support the police in whatever force they deem necessary to bring these thugs to justice.

This is only ‘organised’ in so far as it is orchestrated. The thugs who arranged this disorder were doing basically, a larger-scale version of these events where hundreds turn up to wreck what was supposed to be a small party in a suburban house.

These people didn’t give a damn about the shooting of Mark Duggan though that was supposed to be the catalyst, or bringing down Cameron.

They didn’t have any political motivation, just a festering need for violence or a festering greed for things they could only achieve by violence. In other words, just thuggish chancers.

And what I’d like to know is, if they were so poor that they had to trash electrical stores to gain up-to-date technology, how could they afford expensive Blackberries?

It seems some people should not be trusted with certain pieces of new technology and they should be screened for their suitability to own it and that includes ‘happy-slappers’ with camera phones.

As decent citizens, it’s our duty not to take vigilante action but to remain vigilant and not feel offended if we are stopped by the police on the street. Just to give our full co-operation and feel proud we live in a country where, if a policeman shoots a person dead, a full investigation does take place.

Dave Poole

Penhurst Close